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CytoAnalytics provides data analysis and bioinformatics services to life-science researchers.  One of our areas of specialization is the analysis of large data sets generated in complex translational experiments.  Traditionally, even limited analysis of such data can take weeks, and involves multiple manual, tedious, and error-prone steps. In contrast, we create thorough and automated analyses in a few business days.

Our projects have included:

  • Analyzing cytokine profiles in response to different costimulatory conditions as measured by a cytokine bead array
  • Correlating protein phosphorylation in early rheumatoid arthritis with diverse clinical parameters and medications
  • Studying longitudinal memory T cell phenotypes in response to a cancer vaccine regimen
  • Characterizing TCR (T cell receptor) repertoire using data generated by 454 sequencing combined with IMGT gene calling
  • Building a variety of data mining classifiers for patient prognosis based on gene expression
  • Identifying biomarker changes in response to immunotherapy as measured by protein array data
  • Correlating STAT phosphorylation as measured by flow cytometry with gene expression
  • Phasing SNP genotypes into haplotyped chromosomes using both family-based and inference methods


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