Helping researchers find and tell the stories in their data

CytoAnalytics helps scientists analyze the complex data sets generated by sophisticated research technologies. We specialize in combining instrument data with sample descriptive data, so that we can conduct meaningful and high-throughput analyses across samples and sets of samples. Our business is to make your analysis easier.

Translational Research and The Rich Analytical Environment

Conceptualizing, managing, and analyzing the data generated in complex translational research is a daunting undertaking.  We have the experience, strategies, and tools to tackle these challenges.

Past Presentations
  1. October 2009. Annual Meeting.  International Society for Biological Therapy of Cancer. Washington, DC.
  2. October 2009.  Human Immune Monitoring Center.  Stanford University.  Palo Alto, California.
  3. October 2009. Cytometry Development Workshop. Asilomar Conference Center. Pacific Grove, California.
  4. September 2009. Flow Cytometry Users' Group. University of Colorado Cancer Center. Denver, Colorado.
  5. June 2009.  Novel Experimental Research Design (NERD) Lecture Series.  NIH.  Bethesda, Maryland.
  6. June 2009. Chesapeake Cytometry Consortium Spring Meeting. Rockville, Maryland.
  7. April 2009. AACR Annual Meeting. Poster. Denver, Colorado.
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